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 it helps to know how to ask."

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It's rather surprising that most American parents don't teach their children about negotiation. 

Instead, as kids, we watch our parents pay retail price for nearly everything, except cars and homes, but we don't get to watch details of those transactions.

In undergraduate college, I tried in vain to find any course on Salesmanship, Persuasion or Negotiation.  I've found a few such courses now, at the Master's and Ph.D. levels.  Kids find it hard to learn negotiation here.

Things are different in nearly all other countries

Parents take their children to the market or the store and get the best deals they can.  Children learn to negotiate.

My siblings and I had outstanding parents, but it took specific and intense training from top governmental people, before I learned to negotiate.  I met the king and queen of Thailand and negotiated with the Laotians and Russians. 

Later, in business, I found it easy to negotiate great deals for my companies, and for myself.  I bought a Jaguar XK-E for $1,100, and a Cessna for $3,400, using both for many years. I'm just one to state the facts. I'm not a born negotiator. It's definitely not something that came naturally to me.  It is a skill that is entirely learnable, and in my case, learned.

The most important fact is that Negotiaiton is Not An Art.  It is 95%Science, and it is Very Easy To Learn.

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Disclaimers:  "Free Money" is solidly based on scientific research by scores of scientists and researchers.  It will show you how to get free money, but the getting is definitely up to you.  The book is satisfaction guaranteed forever, or your money back.  Just write or call.  We absolutely will keep your information private and promise never to reveal it to anyone outside our company.  Doing that would  be extremely poor business and poor manners as well.  We are not poor business people and we take pride in our good manners.

Money, Free for the asking.

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I'm Honored to serve you.
I'm Honored to serve you.

Think With Me a Moment. 

When you negotiate a $1,000 better price on a car, you just made $1,000 in free money.  Yes, free. 

If you get a $400 better price on an appliance, your outgo decreased $400, and as Benjamin Franklin famously said, "A penny saved is a penny earned."

Conversely, when buying or selling your home, if you negotiate a $20,000 better price, you get the equivalent of a nice car.  And it's Free Money.

You can buy a used Rolls Royce for that.

It's Free Money, Just for the asking.

Of course, it helps to know how to ask, and what to ask.  That's where the book and I come in.

Here is a free tip that can make  you millions of dollars an hour for short periods of time.  Follow me, now.

When you're near the end of the negotiation, perhaps for a new home, just ask, "Can't you do any better than that?" and wear the appropriate expression.

More often than not, the other person will say something like,  "Well, I guess I could come down another $1,500."

Do the math.  If it takes you six seconds, 1/10th of a minute to ask the question, and doing it earns $1,500, then that's $15,000 a minute or $9,000,000 an hour.

All you have to do is ask, and you will receive.

If you don't ask, the answer is "No."

See How Easy It Is?

See how Wasteful you've been?

This book is about Stopping the Waste and Depositing it in your bank account instead.